Monday, May 24, 2010

Vet visit

I took Capt Morgan to see Doc Jane. She is the most awesome vet, and we did a soundness exam. He was sound at the walk, off at the trot, and ouchy when she pressed hard on the tendon on the Left front. She thinks she might have an old bow because there was slight swelling there as well. We had my farrier stop by and reshoe the fronts, and build the heel up to help alleviate the pressure on the toes. He also had some of the worst thrush we saw on his hind feet and when Josh went to trim the heel... well.... it was so nasty rotten it started to bleed... so we pulled the hydrogen peroxide out and started spraying it to help dry it out before we start the thrush buster.
So the Capt is on bute to help the ouchies.... he will have the summer off and be spoiled and all that, and we will re-evaluate in the fall... about the only person allowed on him will be the flyweight Katie and that will be just to sit and hug him in the field.
But we're on the right track, and he's here and safe!~

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  1. Thanks for taking good care of Captain Morgan. He will be all the better down the line with the time off he needs, and a good shoeing is a beautiful thing! Good luck with him and thanks again.

    - fan in Saratoga