Friday, June 29, 2012

Morgan meets Deonte

Morgan met Deonte yesterday.... Deonte is a young man I met a few years back, and comes and hangs out from time to time with us. Well... yesterday Katie was riding Garrett and I told Deonte to get on S'morgie. Morgan was awesome and they did some w/t/c and a few 18" jumps. I think Deonte might be riding Morgan alot more for me, which is great, and Katie is going to teach him to ride english (deonte's a western rider mainly)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Riding around the block,,,, bareback!

Katie was riding as I was working Morgan and pleaded with me to take them on a walk... so I popped up on him bareback and took the kids for a leisurely stroll around our 3/4 of a mile block, and Capt Morgan was calm as could be taking in all the sites, the dogs barking... kids screaming and traffic driving by. Didn't flinch at the lawn mower coming down a hill towards him or birds flying up under his nose.
Crazy OTTB...ROFL.... Morgan is my man!

Arrrrr's First Equitation Show 6/17/2012

Morgan and Katie went to their first equitation show. Part of the Triangle Show series here in the Md/De/Pa area. Katie and Morgan came away with every color except blue. The WONDERFUL part is that Morgan didn't refuse any jumps, never put a foot wrong, and stood around like he had been at shows all his life.
   Katie and Morgan had a good time, although Katie said repeatedly she was NOT a hunter princess and was only there to keep her form for tet championships in July.

   Morgan was adorable, had a fan club by the end of the day, and decided he liked gatorade. All in all, they rode wonderful, had a great day and had smiles all day long!