Saturday, September 25, 2010

Doing better

Doc Jane came and checked the boy today. His leg is doing better and we're going to start turn out in the round pen. His feet are doing better as well and we need to put another fifty pounds on him since he lost a bit being stall bound and fretting over being the only one in the barn alone.
He was out this afternoon with Vinnie the pony. And they seemed okay. So Vinnie will be joining him in the round pen and they can buddy up. Katie spent some time loving on the boy, and we also pulled some more bloodwork to check levels.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Still waiting, vet had an emrgency

Yes.. we think it's a bow. He's on stall rest and wrapped. My vet was set on her way and had an emergency. Since we both felt comfortable, she's coming out in the morning ( a few hours now actually) and he's wrapped and in deep shavings with lots of good hay.
He was fine when I went to work, met me at the field gate for breakfast, and when I went to do chores that evening, he was standing back by the stream. When I went to turn water off and feed the one back field, he was still there. So I drove to the barn, had Katie drop me off on the four wheeler and when I checked saw his leg was swollen and hot. So we limped to the barn and Katie cold hosed him for me, and then we applied the cold gel and wrapped him good. Yesterday he had the huge barn fan on him and was happy everytime I zipped by. Of course, he was happiest when I was carrying hay down the aisle and I can say that each and every hay bale is Morgan tested and approved!
He stands like a doll baby for me to hose his leg, and I'm hoping to teach him to stand in a bucket of ice water, I think he would with a hay net in front of him and me reading to him. He likes to be read too, and enjoyed watching the mama deer and her twin fawns playing near our pond.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ugh.... Arrrrr leg injury

It appears Arrrrr (morgan) bowed a tendon yesterday afternoon in the front field. He's in a stall in wraps and on pain meds..>Doc Jane will be arriving this afternoon to check him over and let me know our course of action. He was not happy last night and didn't eat too well.... but ate well this morning. My daughter is his devoted slave and cold hosed him before school.
My poor baby! Will post update after Doc Jane visits.