Friday, May 28, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend 2010

Capt. Morgan will be chilling this weekend as I take Katie on a road trip. Morgan has been chillaxin in the field at night, and is in the barn during the day when it's super hot. ( he's spoiled!) The big fan ventilates the aisle, and the boy has a fan as well on his stall. He's so mellow and is such a love.....
On a sadder note....we would like to pass our condolences to Suzanne Stettinius on the loss of her phenomenal race pony B's Little Magic who gave Blu a phenomenal run each time we raced against her. She had an accident in her field during the storm last night and broke her leg. We wish them the best in their time of mourning right now.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Vet visit

I took Capt Morgan to see Doc Jane. She is the most awesome vet, and we did a soundness exam. He was sound at the walk, off at the trot, and ouchy when she pressed hard on the tendon on the Left front. She thinks she might have an old bow because there was slight swelling there as well. We had my farrier stop by and reshoe the fronts, and build the heel up to help alleviate the pressure on the toes. He also had some of the worst thrush we saw on his hind feet and when Josh went to trim the heel... well.... it was so nasty rotten it started to bleed... so we pulled the hydrogen peroxide out and started spraying it to help dry it out before we start the thrush buster.
So the Capt is on bute to help the ouchies.... he will have the summer off and be spoiled and all that, and we will re-evaluate in the fall... about the only person allowed on him will be the flyweight Katie and that will be just to sit and hug him in the field.
But we're on the right track, and he's here and safe!~

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

We made the Bloodhorse Turf blog! Just had to share!

Friday, May 14, 2010

He's so awesome!

I had my friends daughter come over to ride him.... he was perfect. You would think this boy has been off the track for months! We are going to see how he likes jumping, and maybe see if he'd like foxhunting and maybe some youth Field Master races with Lindsey this fall. He is soooo level headed. It was starting to lightning, and he was just traipsing around the field with Katie and Lindsey like it was okay. My husband is starting to fall for him, and he was such a good boy! We did get pics and some video before the rain poured in. He's my heart horse. I think I could put a dead beginner on him and he'd be fine! The girls rode with their exercise saddles with the stirrups dropped and he was awesome! He got an extra scoop with dinner cause he did so good.

The first ride! Update

Katie on Arrrrr yesterday when I snuck her home over lunch... he was such a good boy!

Muddy ponies

I swear....they go right to the same spot every morning and ROLL.... not a little roll that says they are happy to be turned out, but that DEEP Butt wiggling roll that has them groaning in ecstasy as the others look and patiently wait their turn....
Arrrrr has a new best buddy.... it's Blu... AKA Bold Initiative (JC Name Grindstone Gold) who is our daughter's undefeated race pony. Capt Morgan (ARRRRR) and Blu hang out and play tag until Katie gets home from school. Katie has already taught them to play red light green light, and I've had to hold my breath a few times watching the big boy bearing down on Katie. But she throws her hands up and hollers red light and both the boys stop and wait. Ohhh this is gonna be a great summer!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The first ride!

So Katie was supposed to have some pics taken today, so I got a call and we had to rearrange. KNOWING how girls are, and how she would hear... "Yeah sure.... you were really gonna get pics taken today...uh huh...right..." So I went and snagged her over lunch and ran home (We live a mile from the school) and I had the Capt already tacked and waiting....
She rode him in the side field, and he was awesome! I took pics with my droid phone, and she walked, trotted and cantered him both directions. He was so funny, he knew she was there, and he acted squirrely once or twice and settled down. Nice fluid trot, needs work on the right lead ;) But he was awesome~

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's Arrrrr new beginning

Have you ever thought your wildest dream could come true? Three years ago playing on pedigree query with my daughter to help her find cool names for her toy horses, we came across Arrrrr...which my son immediately liked since he wanted to be a pirate. We added his name to a list we watched for since our friend is a jockey, and started tracking him when he ran.
Fast forward to the beginning of May 2010... his name popped up on my radar once again on the Alex Brown Forum, which I frequent since I do equine rescue. I saw he had been scratched from a race and no one knew what was happening... So I made a call, made another call, made THE call and within 20 minutes he was mine! OMG!!! THis hubba hubba horse I had followed and watched with my kids was mine. After dropping the kids at school, I had the trailer hooked up and was on my way to get him. Where his owner/trainer met me and handed over horse, papers and his thanks. I really wanted to kiss the guy personally, but hey...I had my boy!
He trailered home awesome, hopped right in the stock trailer like it was nothing, tucked into the hay, and rode as good as can be. He's a big boy, easily 16'1"...maybe 16'2"...he wouldn't stand still for me to measure accurately. I think the GUard Goose Billie was stalking him to see who the new horse in town was.
Katie has claimed him as ARRRR"s ;) And has backed him while I held the lead. She is going to try to ride him as soon as weather permits, and has said she'd like to steeplechase or event him...he's a solid built boy, so either would be feasible if he likes it.
He's home, dreams do come true, and I look forward to Arrrr adventure.... We have decided his barn name will be Capt. Morgan ;)