Sunday, January 29, 2012

New and improved... sort of!

There's been a lot the past few months on our boys end. Stacy was hit by a vehicle July 1, 2011 and Morgan had a few months off. Katie decided to pick the ride up and started him with Ms. Marilyn who really really likes him as an equitation horse. So Katie has decided to do equitation here and there to stay in form and shape. (Good choice), and also dressage with him in pony club. (Another good choice).
Morgan has been learning to back nicely and collect and extend himself. He's slowly coming along and is soooo smooth and fluid. Katie said he's like sitting on a large sofa. You can find them from time to time doing the Triangle Series. When her race and jumper and pony club schedules allow her to.
Morgan is also finally getting his plastic surgery done on his nose to fix the large tear on the side. While we think it fits with his pirate name image, Katie wants it done to make him look better showing. We understand and Doc Jane will be doing the honors in the next week or so. We're also looking to see if he can visit Miss Priscilla while Katie is in Florida for 11 days to get some tune up work done to help smooth out his transitions.
Such a busy year ahead for our boy!