Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's Arrrrr new beginning

Have you ever thought your wildest dream could come true? Three years ago playing on pedigree query with my daughter to help her find cool names for her toy horses, we came across Arrrrr...which my son immediately liked since he wanted to be a pirate. We added his name to a list we watched for since our friend is a jockey, and started tracking him when he ran.
Fast forward to the beginning of May 2010... his name popped up on my radar once again on the Alex Brown Forum, which I frequent since I do equine rescue. I saw he had been scratched from a race and no one knew what was happening... So I made a call, made another call, made THE call and within 20 minutes he was mine! OMG!!! THis hubba hubba horse I had followed and watched with my kids was mine. After dropping the kids at school, I had the trailer hooked up and was on my way to get him. Where his owner/trainer met me and handed over horse, papers and his thanks. I really wanted to kiss the guy personally, but hey...I had my boy!
He trailered home awesome, hopped right in the stock trailer like it was nothing, tucked into the hay, and rode as good as can be. He's a big boy, easily 16'1"...maybe 16'2"...he wouldn't stand still for me to measure accurately. I think the GUard Goose Billie was stalking him to see who the new horse in town was.
Katie has claimed him as ARRRR"s ;) And has backed him while I held the lead. She is going to try to ride him as soon as weather permits, and has said she'd like to steeplechase or event him...he's a solid built boy, so either would be feasible if he likes it.
He's home, dreams do come true, and I look forward to Arrrr adventure.... We have decided his barn name will be Capt. Morgan ;)

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  1. Just want to share my little Arrrrr story with you. I was there in Saratoga that summer when Durkin had the field days with his name. It was closing day and I was depressed. The last race had just run and Durkin said a goodbye, the mic clicked off and I was, honestly, near tears. But then I heard it click back on and there was Tom coming back for one last, "Arrrrrrrrrrrr!" I cracked up and it erased my tears away. I'm glad he and Tom were able to do that for me.