Thursday, October 14, 2010


I know this a bit after... but working nights is hard! After two and a half weeks of antibiotics on the bottom of his hooves... wrapped in cotton, vet wrap and duct tape, and turnout in the round pen so he could see others but not be lonely, we took the wraps off.
The swelling in his legs had gone down, what we thought was a bow or a rebow was not warm, etc, and Doc Jane feels the hoof problem was the main underlying problem. Morgan has since been back with the herd, 100% sound, no heat, no lameness. (needs a trim, waiting for my farrier to get back from his Ireland trip) and a love. Katie sat on him bareback yesterday and he just plodded around the field with his halter and a lead rope.
Morgan is the bestest! We can't love this fella enough. Doc Jane is going to repair the torn nostril this fall... it had an old gash in it and was flapping a bit, and we're gonna make him more handsomer... although with a name like Arrrrr it does make him more rakish!
He's now a peppermint whore like the others, and has learned his stall. We open the field gate and they all trot to their stalls for dinners. (Except Blu...we don't trust that pony!) He loves to hang over the stall guard and mug you as you walk by. And he knows well where the treats are kept! He's tolerant of the chickens darting in and out of his stall and no longer startles when the guinea hens fly by shrieking.
Goals for him....
start back slowly
maybe a show in the spring
love and lots of it. He's my poster boy!

OH!!! Almost forgot.... I collect pathtags.. ( and have decided to have one made. With of course a race horse in full gallop with pirate regalia on.