Friday, May 14, 2010

He's so awesome!

I had my friends daughter come over to ride him.... he was perfect. You would think this boy has been off the track for months! We are going to see how he likes jumping, and maybe see if he'd like foxhunting and maybe some youth Field Master races with Lindsey this fall. He is soooo level headed. It was starting to lightning, and he was just traipsing around the field with Katie and Lindsey like it was okay. My husband is starting to fall for him, and he was such a good boy! We did get pics and some video before the rain poured in. He's my heart horse. I think I could put a dead beginner on him and he'd be fine! The girls rode with their exercise saddles with the stirrups dropped and he was awesome! He got an extra scoop with dinner cause he did so good.


  1. Hi Stacy, when you do get the photos and/or video posted let me know! I am a huge Arrrrr fan as well. I write for Adam's Turf on and also set up Arrrrr's profile page on Facebook. I've been a fan of his for long time =)

  2. Found you through a link someone posted at nice to hear Arrrrr has a new home. He's the star(rrrr) of my favorite Tom Durkin call ever (well, maybe tied for first with Onoitsmymotherinlaw. I hope someday when I own one that's still racing he's still calling and I have the nerve to give the horse a name he'll enjoy.)