Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Our first (hopefuly )official rescues

I've been working with Elena at Summerwinds Rescue to start our 501c3 paperwork for our own rescue... which will officially be called...

Arrrrr Equine Rescue! In honor of my boy Morgan.

We are fundraising for a appy filly and her mama at Camelot auction, and would like to raise Between $500 and $800 to get them both to safety.
Please crosspost far and wide... paypal donations can be sent to and are tax deductible through the rescue that is guiding me until my own status comes in.

Can you help in your favorite equines name?

Stacy and Morgan
helping one horse at a time!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Congrats to Katie and Willie

Poor Morgan... Katie has deserted him to ride her beloved Willie... who broke his splint bone in five places early February and has been out on injured reserve. Katie and Willie returned to the show ring, and took a 6th and a 1st... and we acquired a new kitten as well.
Morgan has been faithfully monitoring their works in the front field as Katie conditioned Willie and brought him back slowly once he was vet cleared. And is thrilled his smaller brother has been integrated back into the work force! Morgan will be re-evaluated mid August since he was off slightly at the trot in Mid May. And provided he gets vet clearance, will start training as well. We've been doing long slow walks with Katie on his back, and me just hanging on him and wandering around the field.
Love this boy, his personality has really emerged and he's so cool!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Feet trimmin and Fair Hill

My farrier left for Florida, and before he went he came and trimmed all the horses/ponies. Morgan was a gentleman and stood there. When we were done, he followed us to the gate and then wandered off with Blu, his pasture mate.
Two days later, I took the girls to Fair Hill so they could gallop their race ponies and condition them. Morgan was a gem. He stood at the top of the hill with me so we could watch, and was so content to have me rub his neck and hug on him. When we got back to the trailer, I untacked and haltered him and just let him graze while I helped tend the ponies.
This boy is just so awesome~ will take some pics later this week of him and Blu in their field hanging out this summer!