Monday, June 7, 2010

Riding around the block,,,, bareback!

Katie and Sydney were riding as I was working Morgan and pleaded with me to take them on a walk... so I popped up on him bareback and took the kids for a leisurely stroll around our 3/4 of a mile block, and Capt Morgan was calm as could be taking in all the sites, the dogs barking... kids screaming and traffic driving by. Didn't flinch at the lawn mower coming down a hill towards him or birds flying up under his nose.
Crazy OTTB...ROFL.... Morgan is my man!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

New Fly mask...

Morgan was spoilt today when I saw a new mesh fly mask I had to get... a dark purple for Morgan, and a royal blue for Blu. It zips up under neath, and looks like tent screen material with little mesh ear covers! Both boys thought they were great, promptly waltzed through the sprinkler (me with hose) and then rolled... dirtying their new head gear.
Morgan is such a love, and has to be first out in the afternoon. He doesn't care if Blu goes in first in the morning.. but he has to be turned out first! He's starting to realize treats are really good and yummy... and we're gonna start him soon with side reins to work on gathering his legs under him some~! I so love my boy!