Friday, May 14, 2010

Muddy ponies

I swear....they go right to the same spot every morning and ROLL.... not a little roll that says they are happy to be turned out, but that DEEP Butt wiggling roll that has them groaning in ecstasy as the others look and patiently wait their turn....
Arrrrr has a new best buddy.... it's Blu... AKA Bold Initiative (JC Name Grindstone Gold) who is our daughter's undefeated race pony. Capt Morgan (ARRRRR) and Blu hang out and play tag until Katie gets home from school. Katie has already taught them to play red light green light, and I've had to hold my breath a few times watching the big boy bearing down on Katie. But she throws her hands up and hollers red light and both the boys stop and wait. Ohhh this is gonna be a great summer!

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