Saturday, February 4, 2012

Jumping 101

Mom took me to get shoes! I got front shoes. Then Katie decided to ride me and we did some jumping. Her goal for me is to take me to equitation shows. But I need to learn to jump a little better so we spent some time today working on that. I love my family!

Stacy's words now!~ Morgan had front shoes put on for the grand cost of $40. Love our farrier. He trailered well as always and was a bit nervous as Christ shoed Koda. But when it was his turn he was a gentleman and stood there. Coming home, Katie did a few days of ring work, and then we jumped him today. Katie was concerned because she needs to be able to jump him for equitation. No worries i think! I think we'll take him to a few indoors to expose him to different jumps. Katie has been riding him at lessons with Marilyn Mitchell who likes our boy. They're coming along together nicely, and Katie is a busy young lady riding two to three a day now. As well as maintaining honor roll at school. Katie has been riding Morgan in a d ring french link snaffle which he seems to like a lot. She's been working on his transitions and asking him to back.

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