Friday, February 10, 2012

It's done!

all done and pretty!

Today Morgan went to see Doc Jane (Jane Fassinger) in Rising Sun Maryland and we sedated him and stitched his nose back together. She ended up nerve blocking before she trimmed the edges which had a lot of scar tissue. Then she stitched him back up and he's even more handsome now! Morgan was a champ and a gentleman. He was a good boy and a trooper now has to spend a few days in a stall. He's on antibiotics and bute for pain management. And in two weeks they come out!
While we did like his rakish appearance...Katie wanted him pretty for equitation shows and Doc Jane was kind to do it.
Now cost.... I love my vet is all I will say. Total cost with antibiotics and alum spray was $168. They were half the cost basically!

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