Monday, June 18, 2012

Arrrrr's First Equitation Show 6/17/2012

Morgan and Katie went to their first equitation show. Part of the Triangle Show series here in the Md/De/Pa area. Katie and Morgan came away with every color except blue. The WONDERFUL part is that Morgan didn't refuse any jumps, never put a foot wrong, and stood around like he had been at shows all his life.
   Katie and Morgan had a good time, although Katie said repeatedly she was NOT a hunter princess and was only there to keep her form for tet championships in July.

   Morgan was adorable, had a fan club by the end of the day, and decided he liked gatorade. All in all, they rode wonderful, had a great day and had smiles all day long!


  1. This is so great Stacey and all! I am very excited to see Arrrrr settle into a second career and be so loved. The country still loves him too. -AdamsTurf

  2. WHOO HOO Arrrrr - you are a rock star always!!!!

    nvsally (your bigest fan)