Thursday, March 31, 2011

Not much happening

Morgan is still hanging out... we went for a ride with Katie this other day. He was pretty ho hum about it. We popped a few small cross rails and did some bending and flexing while Katie was working her pony. Then he very calmly helped open the gate and Katie and I rode around the development. He got a little excited when Katie and Willie cantered up the hill... and actually decided he wanted to as well! Morgan CAN go fast! LOL... he's such a ham. He's loving his alfalfa at night, and we need to get his halter fixed. Somewhere, somehow he bent the clippy part on it. I think Rob can bend it back with the pliers. Wierd thing is... they're all turned out naked. Halters are hung on the holder by the gate! I think he snagged them when it was hanging off his stall door and caught it... a small fix job... but nonetheless... Morgan is Morgan.. loving his peppermints and life. he had his coggins pulled in early January and spring shots are next week... he's gonna love that!


  1. So where are the new pictures of our Boy?



  2. What's happening with Arrrrr now? You haven't updated in a while.