Monday, July 12, 2010

Feet trimmin and Fair Hill

My farrier left for Florida, and before he went he came and trimmed all the horses/ponies. Morgan was a gentleman and stood there. When we were done, he followed us to the gate and then wandered off with Blu, his pasture mate.
Two days later, I took the girls to Fair Hill so they could gallop their race ponies and condition them. Morgan was a gem. He stood at the top of the hill with me so we could watch, and was so content to have me rub his neck and hug on him. When we got back to the trailer, I untacked and haltered him and just let him graze while I helped tend the ponies.
This boy is just so awesome~ will take some pics later this week of him and Blu in their field hanging out this summer!

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  1. Been waiting for some news on ARRRRR - sounds like you all had a good time at Fair Hill. Glad to hear he was good getting his feet done - you really got a great horse didn't you!!!